LiveSentinel Control Unit

Item Code: ras-pi

The LiveSentinel Control Unit (LCU) is the brains of the operation!  It is a small computer that can fit in the palm of your hand and it packs quite the punch.  It is an embedded Linux device that has a powerful processor that is perfect for monitoring and controlling sensors and equipment.  The LCU gets loaded with the schedule software and then it is set it and forget it!  It will peform the actions against the schedule by communicating via the internal network to control the HVAC as well as lighting and security.  It will also read in data from the Atmosphere modules and use it to determine if and what devices need to be turned on or off to keep the parameters within in range. 

Data aggragator Receives data from the sensor modules
Data propogator Sends the collected data back to the ERP system.
Schedule processor keeps track of what needs to be done
Central Control Unit Sends commands to the power switch.
Maestro of the system Controls everything locally.
Communications server WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth Intefaces
Memory Embedded Flash card and RAM
Power Supply Provided
Quad Core CPU 1GB of RAM, 32GB Flash Card
HDMI Port, USB Port, Audio Jack, Bluetooth, Ethernet, Wifi