Atmosphere Module

Item Code: atm-mod

Monitoring the atmosphere of a room or area can be pivotal in certain situations.   Knowing and then being able to control the Temperature and Humidity for can not only help one save on money but also maintain a healthier life style.  Add in the capability to monitor the carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide can actually help save lives.  It is also good to know if and how much light is in the room.  This is what the function of the Atmosphere Module is.  It is an android based wireless module that can be put in a room away for a control unit.  It has a WiFi interface to enable it to be put anywhere on ones premise there is a wireless signal.  If one doesn't have WiFi the control unit can act as an access point and talk to the Atmosphere module directly.  
Specifications Temperature sensor
None Humidity Sensor
None Light Sensor
None Carbon Monoxide Sensor or
None Carbon Dioxide Sensor
None Espressif ESP32 Arduino based IOT chip